How To Assemble IKEA Expedit Desk And Bookcase


How To Assemble IKEA Expedit Desk And Bookcase – IKEA makes a wide range of furniture that is very functional, affordable and easy to assemble. IKEA store provide expedit desk and bookcase with different colors (beech, birch, black-brown and white) also with different sizes like 8, 16 and 25 square. You need: Screwdriver, Box cutter and Allen wrench (included in the box).

Buy IKEA Expedit desk and bookcase online at http: // or at your local IKEA store. Place the box on the floor in the area where you want to put up a bookshelf. Make sure you have enough space to install the bookshelf on the floor. Open the box and start removing pieces and spread them out on the floor. Take the base and affix the rubber feet to the bottom of the panel. Take off the 4 main pieces and put them on was in a square on the floor. Put the small wooden plugs in the holes. These dowels included. Connect the first two corners and screw them together with the screws supplied.

Tighten almost all the way with the supplied Allen key to assemble IKEA expedit desk and bookcase. Start adding the interior shelves. These shelves have pre-drilled holes that fits into wood lot plugs attached to the outside pieces. Attach a length of the inner board to start the next row of bookshelves. Connect one end of the plank on the outside rack by aligning the holes drilled in the plug attached. Repeat this process until you have all the shelves inside. All internal rack must be connected to the inner board with a wooden stick. Dowel must go through the board and connect the inner shelf on both sides. Add the rest of the pieces, but do not screw them yet. Tighten all the pieces and press down on a bookshelf near the wall. With two people to lift the rack and set upright, you have done!


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