Ikea Sultan Mattress: Something for Everyone


IKEA sultan mattress – protects mattress from dust and stains extending duration. Mattresses can be ventilate more easily even than a mattress and thus keep rest surface always fresh. You can customize and improve comfort of your bed by adding a mattress pad when combining two individual mattresses. Protectors help keep mattress or pillow clean for longer and longer life. They are ideal for people with allergies, because they are machine washed at 60ºC, at which temperature mites die.

IKEA sultan mattress protectors with padding provide more comfort, because they make surface softer and eliminate moisture. There are models with impermeable layers that prevent any liquid from penetrating mattress and keeping it dry. Supplier’s reference and date of manufacture are on a label locate inside mattress, behind zipper. Information on this issue can be find on Ikea’s website, which regrets inconvenience it has caused its customers.

Manufacturers considered not removing mattresses because they pose absolutely no risk to health of users, but ultimately, Ikea has decided to act according to its strict quality levels. Mattress manufacturers for signature IKEA use combinations of phosphorus for fire protection and zinc Product for disinfection. This decision has take as a precaution, although ikea sultan mattress does not pose any risk to health of consumers,


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